Garland Printing was started by E.F. "Breezy" and Charlotte Bruesehoff in the basement of their home with only one hand fed printing press and a Linotype machine for producing the metal type in use at that time. For the first ten years, Garland Printing served its customers from the basement shop.

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This was the year that the business outgrew its basement location and the print shop moved lock, stock and presses to 817 West Garland.

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Increasing business opportunities led to the purchase of a Goss Community Web press. Having two printing units and a paper folder, Garland Printing was in the web press printing business, printing ad sheets for numerous supermarkets and other businesses.

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This was the year that Garland Printing was purchased by Breezy's daughter and son-in- law, Kay and Bob Sleizer. Now the second generation to own and operate Garland Printing, Kay and Bob had been working with Breezy for a number of years by this time and the transition was a natural one for the family and GPC's customers.

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Continuing to grow, the print shop moved a few doors west to its present location at 833 W. Garland Ave. Formerly occupied by the F-stop darkroom and camera shop, followed by an arts and crafts mini-mall, the building proved nearly ideal for the machines and services of Garland Printing.

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Started a new century, Garland Printing also began management by the third generation of family members: Kay and Bob's sons, Mark and Jeff Sleizer. Keeping up with advances in the industry, Garland Printing has added the latest in digital prepress technology.

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No one knows what the future will bring. This is also true for the printing industry. The computer age is here and so is digital printing. Smaller runs and quicker turnaround is the norm. Garland Printing is adapting to these changing needs while offset printing is still very available for larger runs. We've been here for 60 years and we are looking forward to 60 more.